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Winter Shelter Appeal 2017...



A BIG thank you to everyone who has donated to our New Land Appeal.  We have great news for you - the animals now have a new farm to call home!
We are hoping to have lots of our 2000 rescued horses and ponies and some of our 450 rescued cows settled in at our new farm this winter and the first group of horses have already moved in.  Before the really cold weather sets in in January, we need to erect basic shelters to give the animals extra protection.

We have divided each shelter into £5 shelter building blocks, with every block donated helping to provide a full shelter.  If you would like to donate a ‘Shelter Building Block’  in lieu of a present to your friends or family, please enter below the number of ‘blocks’ (£5 each) you would like to give. We will send you a Greetings Card, Hillside 2018 Mini Calendar and a Gift Certificate for you to give to your recipient as a present.

A Gift in Lieu...

If you would like to donate 'Shelter Building Blocks' Gift Certificates to more than one person, please indicate below. Please note minimum one Shelter Building Block per recipient OR if no certificate required please also indicate in drop down list below)

Please note: we will ALWAYS send the Shelter Building Block Gift pack to YOU, for you to give to your recipient with your own message.

Hillside is home to 2000 Rescued Horses, Ponies and Donkeys, 450 Rescued Cows, 500 Sheep and Goats, 350 Pigs and lots of other rescued animals including deer...

Hillside Animal Sanctuary
Hill Top Farm
Hall Lane
Norwich NR12 7LT
Telephone 01603 736200

Patron: Martin Shaw