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Hillside Dog Rescue Appeal



Following a recent lightning raid on an unlicensed ‘puppy farm’ in Wales by worried authorities, we were alerted to the desperate plight of dozens of dogs and puppies.
Unchecked breeding and ever-increasing numbers had led to an horrific welfare situation for the dogs who were kept in the most appalling conditions. Several were suffering from chronic, untreated mange and many were unable even to see daylight. Others were forced to spend their lives in cages.   

We are so grateful to local volunteers who were able to remove 42 dogs to safety while we arranged emergency transport to bring 30 of the dogs requiring extensive veterinary treatment back to the Sanctuary.  Sadly, one female dog had to be put to sleep, but the survivors are now receiving exhaustive veterinary care in the hope that they can eventually be found loving homes.  This is the biggest single dog rescue we have ever undertaken but we were determined to save these forlorn animals.  If you would like to contribute towards the extra-ordinary veterinary costs and the dogs’ special care, we would be SO very grateful.   Thank you for caring.



PLEASE CLICK HERE If you would like to make a regular monthly donation.


Hillside Dog Rescue was founded in 2010 following our undercover investigation with Channel 5 into the deplorable conditions in which dogs and puppies exist on Welsh puppy farms.  We aim to encourage people to give a home to a rescued dog instead of buying from a breeder and since 2010 we have placed over 1500 rescued dogs into adoptive family homes.