Four Acres of Land Appeal



A small area of land has been offered to us to purchase  This is a four acre meadow situated at the back of the sanctuary and lies between a 30 acre field where lots of our special care horses and ponies graze during the summer and 15 acres of Sanctuary land which provides excellent shelter for them.  For several years now, the landowner has allowed our horses to freely roam across the bottom part of the four acres as a vital link to gain access from one field to the other to reach the shelters.  It would be of great benefit for the horses to keep this thoroughfare in addition to the extra grazing the whole of  the four acres would provide.

The landowner has just notified us that they intend to sell and are giving us first refusal as they know how important it is to us.  They are asking a very reasonable price of £45000 as small areas of land in this area can go for much more.

Unfortunately, due to the extremely wet winter of 2017/18 followed by last year’s driest ever summer causing the price of hay to escalate, our current funds are extremely stretched.  It is unlikely that we will be able to purchase this land without calling upon the help of our supporters.  If you would like to help with this Land Appeal, every £5 donated will provide two square yards of land for the horses and ponies.


Please help us take this opportunity by donating below...

Each £5 donated buys 2 Square Yards of Land

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Please remember when donating to select...

Quantity 1 - donate £5 to buy 2 Square Yards Land

Quantity 2 - donate £10 to buy 4 Square Yards Land

and so on...